"Rede" Apartments is only a walking distance away from the ski slope, from Gerovčica river and Kupa river springs, from Lividraga and Milanov vrh. We are situated near the center of village Tršće in the “green heart of Croatia” in Čabar area, at the altitude of 825 meters.

In 2011 Tršće was awarded the “Green flower” prize for the most kept tourist place of the continental part of Primorsko-goranska county, which prides itself in rich flora and fauna. First time visitors are likely to experience this flora and fauna intensely.

Approximately 50 m from the Apartment there is the Botanical garden as well as the educational and tourist “Predators Path” which offers models of indigenous wild animals, mostly in real-life size. In Tršće, you can also take a walk along the educational path called “The Trails of Miners” which is marked by sign posts and connects several old mines.

In the vicinity of the Apartment (150 m away) you can find tennis courts, a playground and the equestrian club “Magušar” where you can rent horses for horseback riding. Our location is ideal for those who wish to enjoy winter sports. A nordic skiing route passes right next to the house and 500 m away from the house there is a ski slope called Rudnik.

This region contains many locations suitable for foraging. This area is the natural habitat of many mushrooms such as morel, boletus, yellow chanterelle, stump etc. Here you can find natural herbs such as yarrow, St. John's wort, thyme, marigold, wild garlic and many others. You can also pick blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries...

Furthermore, you can taste aromatic beverages and syrups, enjoy fruit salads and other specialties of Čabar area (blueberry cake, wild garlic cheese, strudels, herbal tea, venison meals...)

There are many marked bike tracks in Čabar area, as well as numerous lookouts which offer spectacular views on picturesque villages of Gorski kotar. This region is the home of natural riches such as Risnjak National Park, Snježnik mountain and Čabranka, Kupa and Gerovčica river springs. Close to Lividraga you can visit a true tourist attraction often called “queen of the woods”, which is actually a very tall and impressive fir tree.

Čabar area can be a fantastic natural setting for many activities: archery, hunting, fishing, recreational horseback riding, hiking and airsoft. There is an adrenalin park in Tršće which can be visited by anyone eager to have fun, have a good laugh and get excited.

For a new song in nature, and for the purpose of preserving and protecting endangered bird species, it was opened and put into operation in 2019 of tourism and science "Central-European breeding center of the deaf grouse in Gorski Kotar" in Farjevo Laz near to Čabar.

Čabar area is the home of many cultural and historical sites such as Petar Zrinski castle, Vilim Svečnjak gallery, Palčava house in Plešce, Roman defense wall “Limes”, old watermills and sawmills in Zamost and Vesel ethno house. The story of courage, kindness, honesty, persistence and strength of the people living in this region is told by the folk legend about Petar Klepac.

We wholeheartedly welcome you and wish you a very pleasant stay in "Rede" Apartments !